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We believe that flowers are not just for special occasions. Flowers bring joy and delight to our ordinary, everyday lives. When you buy flowers from us you are getting chemical free, fresh, and long lasting blooms to enjoy or share with a friend! We love to brighten someone's kitchen table with a beautiful bouquet of local goodness. 

This season we will offer flowers to purchase in three ways:

Flower shares

Our Flower shares are a great way to enjoy everyday flowers and add sparkle and colour to your home. We try to grow flowers with long vase lives,  and use best practices to ensure that your bouquets should last a minimum of 7 days. You can choose large or small depending on your budget or space, and full time or part time depending on your schedule.

All prices include delivery to South Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc and all parts between. Contact us for further distance delivery or if you would like to pick up your bouquets for a reduced rate.

Full Time Small (10 weeks in July/August/September) $250

Full Time Large (10 weeks in July/August/September) $400

Part Time Small (4 weeks in August/September) $100

Part Time Large (4 weeks in August/September) $160

Individual bunches

Great if you just need to treat yourself. Available at local markets and by contacting us. Range in price from $15 to $50.

Bulk Buckets 

Available at the farm and ideal for your party and DIY wedding needs. Have some fun playing with flowers yourself. Farmer's choice of the best in season.  $85


Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact Andrea at or by using the contact form on this website. 

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