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Our Story

We are a small family farm located in Leduc County, about 30 minutes southeast of Edmonton. We started farming in 2008. We currently farm sheep and goats, chickens, dogs, cut flowers, and bees.


We bought our land early summer 2014. We came here from Lethbridge and knew we wanted to keep farming. The location was a good proximity to Edmonton and also had a decent amount of land. We soon decided that the best way to build would be with as little debt as possible. So we have been building our house as we could afford it. That meant RV living for the first year, a year and a half with no plumbing, a dirt floor for the first winter, and (gasp) no internet for 2 years. We have now made it into our house and have minimal cosmetic work to do. We are loving it! Now we can fully focus on outside work like fencing and garden.

Ben has been farming since he was a boy on a dairy farm. He loves working with animals, staying active, and having something to do, which is good because there is always something to do!

Andrea is new to farming since marrying Ben. She grew up as a missionary kid in Nairobi, Kenya, so the farm has been a bit of an adjustment. However, there have been some transferable skills, such as living without running water and using outdoor facilities. 

We have four kids, they are 7, 5, 3, and 2. All of them love to "help" with various tasks around the farm.

We named our farm East Gate Farms because our last name, Oosterhof, very loosely translates from Dutch as East Gate. Also we are located on the east side of our Range Road!

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